The issue with dogs and thunderstorms really began early in our marriage, with Tom’s beagle/blue heeler mix, Frieda.

Frieda was the dowry that came with the marriage. I wasn’t so fond of her at first, and she wasn’t fond of me…but we grew to like each other over the years.

Tom called me once from his traveling sales job. He said, “I’ll be able to make it home tonight late.  But I want to sneak in like a burglar to see if Frieda will protect you.”  She didn’t.  She stayed under the bed, whine-growling and scared…we knew then we didn’t have a guard dog.

Every time it thundered, she would trot around the house in a terrified panic…and if she happened to be outside when one fired up, she would shred the screens to get in, and if she couldn’t, she’d jump the fence. Once she was gone for three whole nights…and finally found her way home. We were so relieved!

That’s when the idea for my children’s book came about, Fraidy-Frieda’s Light Show, which I wrote, illustrated and published under my pen name, t. lynn jax.

Fraidy-Frieda’s Light Show tells the story of a dog terrified of thunderstorms. She is coached by her friend, Dexter the Mouse, and discovers a special secret about storms…finding that they’re not so scary after all.

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