Everyone would agree…dogs are family. They eat, sleep, hang out when we’re sick and share life’s saddest and happiest moments with us. And they trust us to do the same with them. There’s not a dog-lover in this world who wouldn’t wish the very best life for their buddy. Even in moments when they make you a bit crazy, there’s an indescribable connection we just can’t deny. They speak to our hearts and our souls without words – with those attentive eyes, the elated body wiggle and the deep, throaty sigh when they settle in to sleep.

Yet there are times when our connection with them disconnects – when even the best intentions fail, and the best strategies and advice just don’t seem to work. These are the times when you think you know him well, but for a time you question if your little buddy had been abducted by aliens, or worse – when Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde.

For us, Mr. Hyde pays a visit up to one hour before and after a thunderstorm.

To a stranger, your buddy may look like the same dog. But you know better. We all know better…for that period of time, he is completely checked out, right? And behaviors can range from the slightly agitated to the downright destructive. Those beautiful attentive eyes?  The elated body wiggle? The deep, throaty, sleepy sigh? Gone. And you wonder when you’ll ever see your buddy again.

This blog is for your buddy and mine. It’s for you, and for everyone bewildered by the mysterious stranger who occupies a dog’s body during a thunderstorm.

You’re not alone…and while we may not be able to send this mysterious stranger packing, at least we’ll find others who share the same experiences, and that’s a good thing. Misery loves company, but it also eases with empathy and support.

So tell us about your buddy, and introduce us to his alter ego. Post stories, pictures, videos and remedies. Share with others you know so we can build our community!

2 thoughts on “Dogs and Thunderstorms

  1. I have 2 border collies, Molly and Lucy. They are both fabulous dogs! They love the water but not the rain and especially not thunderstorms! We have to deal with incessant barking during a storm and even without thunder, the falling rain drives Lucy crazy. She runs outside around and around barking and barking with no idea apparently what rain is other than an extreme annoyance to her. We have tried many different suggestions to comfort and calm them during a thunderstorm, nothing really works except bringing them into the bedroom, shut the door, turn the TV on and let them in the bed! That seems to work better than anything.

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