My name is Terri, and I am married to my wonderful husband Tom of 22 years, and we have one young adult son.

As long as we can remember – all three of us – we have always had dogs in the family. Throughout our lives we have rarely been without an animal friend. I must say that our son admits to a stronger connection with cats, but we can live with that…

Currently, we live happily ever after with four cats and two dogs:

hazel bean
Hazel Bean










Hazel Bean: Female tortie. Tom said she was “two minutes from feral” when we adopted her from the shelter. Sometimes she sounds possessed when she growls at Buck.

Tex: Female brown tabby. The girly-girl of the kitties. Tom’s favorite, but he’ll never admit it.

Nuby (pronounced new-bee): Female torbie. Tom went outside one cold January to get Hazel Bean, and came back with Nuby instead. She came to us with a crooked tail, but we don’t notice it, and resisted naming her for it. Our vet pronounces her name “Nubby”, probably because of her tail. We don’t correct them.

Buck: Female blonde tabby: Found on another cold day, barely weened, riddled with fleas, at the top of a playground slide in Hominy, Oklahoma. Named for the Hominy school mascot, Bucks (Indian Warrior).

Dobie: Male Yellow Lab/Pit mix: One of the reasons I started this blog. Can eat drywall and shred wood trim faster than thunder follows lightning.


Sissy: Female Blue Staffy: Stray, showed up on our porch wanting to join the party. We spent three months looking for the owner; we found the owner, but two months later, the owner said she could no longer afford to keep her, and would surrender her to us for $150. Such a deal!